Does IV Hydration Work for Hangover

The pandemic might be over, but let’s face it, no matter how far behind us it is, it brought about a new form of socializing — digital socializing! Now that life is back to our old normal, however, things look a little different. We can catch up with friends in real life finally, but let’s not forget that one friend who always turned up to the party and now can again stay even after everyone else live: Alcohol! With this treasured buddy close around all hours of the night, who knows what types of concoctions can be found spinning out of its depths? But don’t forget one word of caution we have all learned previously: hydrate or hangover.    


Had a bit too much fun last night and now feeling a nasty hangover? If you’ve already exhausted all creative ways of avoiding it, no worries — we’ve got your back! Why not entertain the idea of visiting your local LIVE Hydration Spa, so that you can kick those consequences of late-night fun to the curb pronto?. Instead of old fashion hangovers remedies like inordinate amounts of energy drinks and greasy takeaway burgers, why not upgrade your recovery routine with some modern science for once?


Does IV Hydration really have the power to tackle that dreaded next day hangover? 

We’ve all been there before; waking up feeling every moment from last night out looming over us. It’s certainly understandable why so many people are considering this ‘magic’ cure for the inevitable `suffering` we experience afterward. But does it actually help make recovery time quicker? Studies suggest that yes, its ability to deliver hydration directly can in fact be a powerful corollary against alcohol’s reducing effects on our bodies. 

The good news: while you may have heard of an IV drip being used as a hangover cure, its true influence runs far deeper! With the unique cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you could experience all sorts of mind and body benefits. Think about increased immunity and energy when you least expect it! It’s important to let your IV administrator know what type of effect you’re looking for upfront; that way, you can both be aware of the positive effects to anticipate later. Word on the street is that sometimes you almost forget about that hangover!


Checking in with your doctor is important, but infusion therapies supporting quick hangover recovery may be a staple treatment well worth exploring! You can check the nearest LIVE Hydrations Spa locations to try our IV drip services and other services we offer.