Meet Our Team

Daniel and Christina

Daniel and Christina are the owners of Live Hydration Spa West Des Moines and are responsible for growing the Live brand in Iowa as Area Developers. For the last 13 years, Daniel has been consulting large companies on process improvements, technology, and operations. Christina spent 15 years in the Insurance business before leaving her job this spring to run the daily operations as General Manager of Live West Des Moines.

They started their entrepreneurial journey in IV therapy because they believe that most people should have more preventative and natural ways to improve their health. They are the proud parents to their daughter Iliana (18) and their son Adrien (5). “We don’t believe there is a single parent who doesn’t want to have more energy to play with their kids, or an athlete who doesn’t want to perform better, or an aging adult that doesn’t want to treat inflammation without taking a handful of pills every day. Our goal is to offer healthy alternatives to self-care, be an asset to the overburdened medical community, and help people in Central Iowa live their best lives, on their terms.”

Sam headshot


Hello! My name is Sam Boisen, I am a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and the Medical Director at our West Des Moines location. I carry my ATLS, ACLS, PALS, and Biote Hormone Therapy certifications. I’ve been practicing medicine and serving in ER and Pediatric care since 2005. I came to Live Hydration Spa West Des Moines because I wanted to offer a unique experience by helping clients optimize their health rather than just treat their symptoms. As a competitive athlete I understand the importance of keeping the body well hydrated and healthy as an essential step in maintaining energy and muscle recovery. I have also seen the huge impact that treating hormones can have on the overall health of our patients. Outside of work, I have a huge passion for fitness and enjoy competing in CrossFit competitions and doing “Go Rucks”. I am married to my husband Bryan and we have a blended family with 5 beautiful kids, four girls and one boy. Emmerson, Peyton, Isabella, Charlee, and Gavin. We also have a yellow lab named Bentley and a cat named Pickles.


I have been spent the last 7 years in emergency medicine and about 2 years of that spent as a flight nurse – primarily all in pediatrics. I came across Live Hydration Spa West Des Moines by an act of God. After having a stroke in December of 2021, I was struggling with terrible side effects and was tired of being prescribed pills as my only remedy. That’s when I discovered IV therapy and IM supplement injections. It changed my LIFE. I was able to take control of my health again, return to work, and become the mom and wife that I was meant to be. I knew that I needed to be a part of this movement and help others discover this lifestyle. That’s when I came across LIVE. I enjoy spending time and traveling with my son Max and my husband Tanner.