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Eagle Run Wellness

What is
Direct Primary Care?

Robyn Rafter


I have been a registered nurse since May of 1996, and hold an advanced practice degree, APRN, as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner since August 2018. My 25+ years in nursing include pediatrics, medical-surgical units, intensive care units, physician offices, and labor and delivery/post-partum/mother-baby. After receiving my Nurse Practitioner degree, I decided to expand my role in the medical field by empowering patients to thrive for personal health and wellness.  My mission is providing higher levels of personal health care by utilizing the nutrients and vitamins with I.V. Therapy & Injections. I want to be the catalyst to help individuals to feel their absolute best.  In addition, I continue to educate and research in other wellness therapies, including weight loss, and hormonal treatments.

Our mission is to provide safe, cost effective and customized I.V. hydration therapy delivered to you by an experienced medical professional using only 503A & 503B certified pharmacies.

At Live Hydration Spa it is our goal to give the gift of health, happiness, and hydration to active members who want to boost their performance and feel better inside and out.  Your body is over 60% water and maintaining this level is exceedingly difficult with our busy lifestyles.  With proper hydration you will feel, function, and improve your performance and the results are immediate. Intravenous therapy is bio-available to our cells compared to oral vitamins which break down in your digestive system and many times are passed through your track with little effect.  Our signature mix of infusion cocktails will help you reach your optimal performance no matter what challenges you are facing!


$80 per month per person


What’s Included?

  • An annual physical with basic labs
  • Any additional lab work that is needed or requested is discussed and cost is discussed up front
  • Unlimited acute visits (UTI, cold, influenza, strep, bronchitis, sinus infection, etc)
  • Unlimited access (during working hours) by phone, text or email
  • Virtual visits to cut down on unnecessary office visits
  • Corporate and family rates available
  • DOT physicals and federal urine drug screens are available too