Meet Our Team

Antoinette Thompson

Hello, I am Antoinette Thompson, most of my friends know me as Tonie.  I have been a Nurse Practitioner for 8 years but started my career in medicine very early while on the Oklahoma City Fire Department where I spent 23 years as a firefighter, paramedic, and nurse.  I continued my education and graduated from University of South Alabama with a Doctorate in Nursing.  I also spent 20 years of my life as a bodybuilder obtaining my pro status in 2002 at the Team Universe in New York City.  I enjoyed the transformation of the human form and developed a knowledge for the various vitamins, minerals, and aminos and what they contribute to health.  I moved to Iowa in April of 2016 and love the communities and the easy way of life here…no traffic!! 

I have one daughter who is involved in public health and she and I often converse about the overall health of Americans because we believe there is a better way of getting nutrients and hydration that the body needs…IV therapy! My grandson is 7 and he plays sports, as many as my daughter can get him in! In my leisure time, I stay in the gym; I believe cardio health is a great thing. I stay in the books; I believe in learning something new daily. I stay active; I believe movement is the key to youth. I am excited to partner with Marci Nystrom, Toby Smith, and Tim Evert on this great and much needed venture with the LIVE brand because I am certain this endeavor will fill a much-needed gap in healthcare.  

Marci Nystrom-Smith and Toby Smith

Marci is one of the owners and operators for Live Hydration Spa Ames. She is a very passionate RN that is in the process of obtaining her DNP degree from Creighton University. She has been in the medical field for over 16 years. She has a background in ER, ICU, and Hospital Medicine. Marci has a great desire to care for others and assist them with achieving their goals of personal health and wellness. IV Hydration therapy and wellness has always been an interest of hers with the desire to help others live a healthier life and feel good. You can find Marci traveling, spending time outdoors, and at sporting events with her fiancé Toby, their three kids, and labradoodle Jager. 

Toby is one of the owners and the operations manager at Live Hydration Spa Ames. Toby is a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist and has been in the medical field for over 20 years. He also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Iowa State University and has been a certified personal trainer since 2001. He enjoys helping people optimize their health and well-being which is why he is so passionate about Live Hydration Spa. Toby enjoys being outdoors, hunting and fishing.

Dr. Tim Evert


Ashley Accola

Hello, my name is Ashley and I have been a Registered Nurse since 2009. I have primarily worked in emergency medicine during my nursing career. I am happy to be part of such a great team at Live Hydration Spa and to promote wellness for our clients and community. IV insertions (including advanced training for ultrasound guided insertions and midline placement) have been one of my passions and I am excited to put these skills to good use. My life outside of LIVE includes being with my husband, Derek, and my son, Beckett. We also have 2 dogs, Lily and Murphy.

Joy Daly

Hello friends! My name is Joy! I love being a nurse here at Live Hydration Spa Ames! I have been a registered nurse for 25 years and I have spent the last 15 years working in orthopedic sports medicine. I love helping people get back to and continue to do what they love. I have always been focused on health and how to maintain an active lifestyle. I love learning and staying current on health practices. Nutrition and what we put into our bodies plays such an important role in how we feel! I love being a part of the Live family! I love helping people feel their best! This group is committed to helping every single person who walks in the door, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this team! In my free time, you can find me clocking miles on my road bike, watching baseball, and spending time with my family.

Christine Hale

Hello! My name is Christine Hale!

I am the 5’1”, blue eyed, teal eyeliner wearing, tattooed Critical Care Paramedic who is also an ISU CYCLONE working at LIVE Hydration Spa Ames! 

My husband, Josh Hale has claimed me as his wife since January 1, 2007 and we have two dogs, Charlie (who has several nicknames…) our Giant Alaskan Malamute and Maverick our King German Shepherd. We typically have at least 2 if not 3 fluffabutts in our pack. Josh works for ISUPD as a Police Lt. and in IT for the department. We have known each other through swimming as kids but didn’t meet until college. 

I was born and raised in Ames, IA. My maiden name is VanMeter and my family was heavily involved with swimming in the Ames community. I graduated from Ames High in 1999, from ISU in 2005 with a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. With my ISU degree I trained youth athletes in sports enhancement as well as being a swim coach not only for Ames High (both girls and boys) but for Central Iowa Aquatics. 

Then one day, I woke up and decided being a paramedic was a good idea! I went to Mercy for my EMT then enrolled in the DMACC Ankeny Paramedic Program in fall of 2010. I became a NREMT Paramedic on April 14, 2012 and achieved an AAS Degree in Clinical Paramedic Science from DMACC. In 2018 I achieved my CCP (Critical Care Paramedic) endorsement through Mercy. I have worked in 3 hospital-based EMS services and as of April 30, 2023 I walked away from hospital-based EMS and now work for a County-based EMS service as well as LIVE Hydration Ames!

My hobbies include lifting at the gym with my lifting partner (we’ve been lifting partners since 1999), running, swimming in the summer, and snowboarding with my husband in the winter for 25-35 days a season at Mary Jane/Winter Park (CO), Steamboat (CO), and Jackson Hole (WY). I also run my own fitness and nutrition services, What the HALE Fitness and Nutrition.

I absolutely LOVE working at LIVE Hydration Spa Ames because I get the opportunity to use BOTH my paramedic certification as well as my BS in Exercise and Sports Science from ISU to help clients achieve their health, wellness, fitness, and nutritional goals! On top of that, I get to work with an amazing staff that is truly a FAMILY and who appreciate what we are trying to accomplish with LIVE Hydration Spa Ames!

Cody Bunning

I was born and raised in Boone. I have a wife, Cassie, and 2 kids, Baylee-15 and Tate-9. I work full-time for the Boone Fire Dept as a Firefighter/Paramedic. I like to drive semis and school buses as well on the side. I like working for my community and being able to assist people in their time of need. Working for LIVE just fits right in with helping people feel better with products we provide. I also get to work with a great group of co-workers. I have met a lot of new people who have let me help them through their journey of becoming healthier and overall, just feeling better. Outside of work we are busy with kids sports almost year-round. The kids and I enjoy snowboarding through the winter. Baylee loves volleyball so we travel around the state and bordering states to play. Tate and I race dirt bikes throughout Iowa and bordering states as well. We also support Cassie, as she owns a nutrition club in a neighboring town.

Lori Nystrom

Here goes… I am the part time receptionist at Live Hydration Spa in Ames, Iowa. I am 63 and I enjoy meeting all the clients that we see here at the spa and working with the staff here at Live Hydration. I have been married for 42 years to my husband Curt.  I have 3 grown children and several grandkids. Marci Nystrom-Smith, one of the owners of Live Hydration Spa Ames, is my daughter. I enjoy boating and outdoor activities and being with family and friends. Before working at Live Hydration Spa, I was a second-grade teacher associate for 22 years.