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At LIVE Hydration Spa we focus on wellness versus the one and done treatments to better enhance our client retention. We wanted to bring a personal feeling back to medicine! Getting our patients to put their health first and LIVE Hydration Spa is there to help them achieve that. Through our newly created franchise program we’re inviting you to be on the ground floor of taking the IV Hydration Spa movement to the next level by joining an established market leader!

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Steps to ownership

1. Qualify
Have an introductory call to share background, experience, motivation and your financial situation. Complete the personal review form and discuss with the Director of Franchise Development.

2. Explore
Join the LIVE Hydration Spa Opportunity and Territory Presentation to dive into the details. Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and discuss with the Director of Franchise Development.

3. Validate
Interview with area representative to get acquainted, confirm territory and potentially be invited to Discovery Day!

4. Discovery Day
Visit the LIVE Hydration Spa Corporate Office in Omaha, NE to meet staff, spend time with the executive team and observe an operating franchise in action. If the territory is awarded you are eligible to sign the Franchise Agreement, provide Franchise Fee, and become a LIVE Hydration Spa Franchise Owner!


The LIVE WAY is a program that provides franchisees with the education and tools to grow and develop their LIVE Hydration Spa Franchise. This initial training (LIVE WAY) will take franchisees from signing day through launch in as few as 60 days. With the LIVE WAY model serving as a basis for the program, franchisees will go through the following steps of training: Provide care, operations and marketing, LIVE Hydration Spa in action, run a IV franchise, and ongoing support.


We understand how important it is to have someone to turn to when they’re questions. That’s why part of the LIVE WAY includes access to the company founders, consultations, and on-site visits. The relationship that is made through this level of communication and support not only provides owners with the confidence that they can run their business, but also that they can build a successful business.


Introductions to discounted vendors, establishing third party pay sources, and licensure are just a few of the support items in this step by step process. Both web based training and weekly support coaching takes franchisees through IV education, employee and client satisfaction, retention techniques, best hiring practices, marketing/sales strategy, operations, and operating systems.

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