Every IV spa is NOT the same!


Yes on the outside they may seem all the same.

You’re tired you need a pick me up so you go to your neighborhood IV spa. But how do you know which one is the best?? It seems pretty easy to pick an eradicate or Meyers cocktail, maybe you want a bigger punch so you go with the anti-aging bag.

A nurse starts an IV AND hooks up your treatment bag! WRONG. It’s not all the same questions for everyone. We have put together some questions you NEED to ask! Someone who is as passionate about IV treatment as me can’t stand the disservice some Spa’s do because they see a fast $$$ or an added therapy. This is not an add-on at LIVE Hydration Spa this is the SERVICE we provide!

When going to book an appointment at an IV spa ask these questions

What kind of training does your nurse have?

RN, BSN with work history as a nurse who starts IVS ( many RN’s have never started an IV before or very little experience)

Where did they get their vitamins?

A compounding pharmacy won’t cut it! You want an FDA 503 regulated compounding pharmacy.

Do their treatments come pre-made?

If yes, they have a VERY short shelf life and may look very inconsistent treatment to treatment. It also can not be tailored.

Does the IV spa ask questions on why you are picking that treatment to ensure the treatment will help the core issues?

At LIVE, five clients may come in with fatigue and all five could get different treatment?

Are they putting their FULL attention into IV education, or is this just a side hustle? Do you want an IV from a side hustle?

Facial massage and nail salons often try to add this because they think it means more $$$. Do they have space for hoods and have trained professionals tracking inventory and maintenance environment temps? Sometimes it’s best to choose the place where the medical professionals put their heart and soul into it all day every day.

IV therapy is very safe and very effective but still can not be undervalued as “simple” here at LIVE Hydration spa we know the importance and we are educated in sterile procedures and the importance of keeping our compounds clean and regulated! We have the education of why some vitamins should be used or shouldn’t be used together! Not because it would hurt you, but because you wouldn’t get your $$$ worth!

I pour my heart and soul into Live Hydration spa as a business owner. I value healthy competition but I do NOT want the industry to get a bad name for those who think it’s a side treatment.