The demand for IV therapy is rising.
Help us meet it.

IV hydration is a $2B industry in the US alone, expected to grow by 8% within 5 years.
The time is now to become a LIVE Hydration Spa owner and join the best.

Excitement is contagious! Watch, watch again, then connect with us to learn about opening your own hydration spa.

Why LIVE Hydration?

70% of U.S. citizens live in a constant state of dehydration — the demand for living hydrated and healthy is stronger than ever. LIVE Hydration was founded by nurses who saw the gaps in health care firsthand and did something about it. By delivering safe, effective, personalized IV hydration therapy, you can boost your future clients’ energy, prevent illness and improve overall wellness. And keep them returning for more.

Now is the time to turn the demand for hydration into phenomenal growth.

99% of LIVE Franchise Google Reviews are 5 stars

71,700 LIVE treatments since 2020

Expanding by 60% in 2023


Some are nurses who saw a need in their communities that wasn’t met in the hospital system. Others saw an opportunity in their local markets and went for it.And some started out as customers and fell in love with how they felt!
Could you be our next franchise success story?

“Felicia and Casey have been excellent in their communication and making sure we understand everything about how to get our hydration spa open. Even though we’re 1,000 miles away from them, I feel like they’re never more than a phone call or text away.”

Ilene and Robert Cole, LIVE Hydration Spa | Lakeland, FL

“Being a nurse in the hospital system, you see that there are certain things people could do preventatively if they had the opportunity. At LIVE, we give them that. Having that backing and support with LIVE franchising is a huge positive for me. They’re always there to support me.”

Katie and John Pipek, LIVE Hydration Spa | Kalispell, MT

“I started out as a customer of LIVE so I’ve gotten to experience all of the amazing benefits of the services that we offer. Taking care of ourselves is super important to me, which is also how I found out about LIVE — by using it as another resource in our community to take care of myself. Now, I get to offer it to all my customers.”

Kendall and Becky Carlson, LIVE Hydration Spa | Rockbrook in Omaha, NE

The story that started it all.

LIVE is a story of friendship and opportunity. Nurses by trade, Felicia and Casey supported each other in the most ultimate way — deciding to go into business together. Five years later, they’ve built one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation. And you can join them.


As a LIVE franchise owner, you receive access to training, marketing tools and owner support, which is key to building a thriving business. Here’s what the LIVE WAY training program and support coaching will take you through.

  • Access to company founders 
  • On-site visits 
  • IV education
  • Weekly support coaching
  • Employee and client satisfaction
  • Retention techniques
  • Best hiring practices
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Operations and operating systems 

How to start the conversation

1. Qualify

Have an introductory call to share background, experience, motivation and your financial situation. Complete the personal review form and discuss it with the Director of Franchise Development.

2. Explore

Have an introductory call to share background, experience, motivation and your financial situation. Complete the personal review form and discuss it with the Director of Franchise Development.

3. Validate

Interview with an area representative to get acquainted, confirm territory, and potentially be invited to Discovery Day!

4. Discovery Day

Visit the LIVE Hydration Spa corporate office in Omaha, NE to meet staff, spend time with the executive team and observe an operating franchise in action. If the territory is awarded, you are eligible to sign the franchise agreement, provide franchise fee, and become a LIVE Hydration Spa franchise owner.

Investment Breakdown

Franchise fee: $49,500 

Royalty: 7.5%  

Initial investment: $147,000-$319,000

Candidate requirement: $150,000 net worth ($80,000 liquid assets)

Get started with your franchise today.