Wellness Wednesday – Learning about MTHFR

MTHFR is a gene mutation, and studies suggest nearly half of Americans have it! That means there’s a good chance someone or multiple people in your house have this mutation.

Here’s a shortlist of a few known ways that MTHFR can present in health issues:
?Vascular disease
?Blood clots
?Respiratory issues
?Pregnancy complications
?Neural Tube Defects

People with the #MTHFR mutation are unable to “methylate” ingredients like Folic Acid, as well as certain B vitamins. Instead, these ingredients turn TOXIC in their body.

#Methylation, simply put, is the ability to process toxins and hormones. When the methylation process is inhibited the body becomes more susceptible to oxidative stress, and far less tolerant to toxins. This lack of detoxification can lead to all kinds of behavioral, mental, and even physical illnesses or disabilities like the ones mentioned above.

Since nearly half the population has this condition, to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea for all of us to be consuming nutrition that is ALREADY Methylated and can be readily and quickly absorbed!!
Methylated vitamins and nutrients are beneficial for EVERYONE, no one is excluded, yet everyone is covered!! This is why bio-available vitamins and supplements are SO important!