5 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

We have all heard it over and over again. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. While it sounds like nagging, there is a lot of importance to staying hydrated. Below are five benefits to keeping up with your daily water intake.

 Hydrating Aids in Muscle Recovery and Workouts

During intense workouts, your body uses water to produce sweat and keep your body cool. But you have to remember to replenish that water. Not only does water remove toxins from your body that can cause soreness, but it creates a higher tolerance for pain, allowing you to work out longer.

Controls Weight Loss

Another benefit to staying hydrated is that water helps control your weight. When you drink enough water, you provide a boost to your metabolism. Not only that, but water is a great appetite suppressant as well.

Keep Skin Looking Great

Water not only helps with workouts and weight loss, but it keeps your skin looking good too. Our blood is 90% water and the blood helps carry nutrients all over the body. One of those places is the skin. The nutrients that are delivered to the skin help keep the elasticity of your skin and keeps it from wrinkling. Fewer wrinkles mean younger-looking skin!

Helps in the Creation of Body Fluids

As stated earlier, our blood is 90% water. Water also helps in the creation of other body fluids that transport oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. Those fluids help maintain consistency in your body. Without proper hydration, the body cannot produce the necessary body fluids to keep the body in check.

Helps Regulate Body Temperature

When things get hot, the body gets working. But in order to work properly, the body needs water. The water in your body is used to produce sweat, which cools the body down. Without enough hydration, the body cannot produce enough sweat to cool it down and your body increases heat storage. Too much heat can cause issues such as heat stroke. So stay hydrated and keep cool!

If you need to stay hydrated, give us a call and choose one of our hydration packages. You are sure to love it!