How Long Do IV Fluids Last After Treatment?

Many of us are familiar with feeling dehydrated or under the weather, and getting an IV treatment can be one way to help supplement our bodies with what they need. But,, have you ever wondered how long the effects of an IV treatment last? LIVE Hydration Spa provides many different IV treatment options that help with a variety of conditions, and getting an IV treatment can be beneficial for almost everyone. In this blog post, we will discuss how long IV fluids stay in the body and the benefits of getting an IV treatment over oral IV fluids and oral supplements. 


How long does iv fluid stay in your body?

When you receive an intravenous treatment, the fluids will typically stay in your body for several days after the treatment ends. The length of time depends on many factors including how quickly your body absorbs the fluids, your activity level after receiving the infusion, and other factors related to your health. Generally speaking, if you receive a proper dosage and follow all instructions regarding rest afterward, you should experience the positive effects of your infusion for up to three days after it is finished. 


Benefits of Receiving an IV Treatment Over Oral Supplements and Fluids 

The main benefit of receiving an IV treatment over taking oral supplements or drinking fluids is that it allows nutrients to be delivered directly into your bloodstream without having to pass through your digestive system first. This means that more nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream than when consuming them orally, which means that more nutrients reach their target sites faster. Additionally, when taking oral supplements or drinking fluids, some may be lost in digestion before being absorbed into your bloodstream. Since none of the nutrients are lost during absorption when receiving an intravenous infusion, it can be much more beneficial than relying on oral treatments or medications.                                                                                 

Benefits From Receiving an Intravenous Infusion 

Receiving an intravenous infusion has several benefits. It helps replenish electrolytes and hydrate cells faster than drinking water alone; it helps flush out toxins from cells; increases white blood cell production; helps reduce inflammation; gives energy boosts; increases metabolism; improves mood; boosts brain health; helps fight illnesses like flu and colds; improves detoxification processes; reduces stress levels; helps improve sleep quality; supports cardiovascular health; helps reduce bloating and indigestion problems; provides needed vitamins and minerals for optimal health. These are just some of the benefits that come from receiving an intravenous infusion! 


Getting an intravenous infusion can provide essential nutrients to help support overall health while providing relief from many common ailments such as dehydration, fatigue, stress, bloating, indigestion problems, colds & flu symptoms etc. When done properly with proper dosage and instructions regarding rest afterwards, these positive effects can last up to three days after the treatment ends. 

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